What We Do

Community Projects

The Minuteman Chapter’s intent is to sponsor community based outreach events to strengthen ties. Some examples are: Back to School Back Packs, Local Food Drives, Support of the Enlisted Soldiers Association, Wreaths for Fallen Soldiers, Honor Returning Deployment Soldiers, and Donations towards Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to Junior Soldiers


The chapter conducts fundraising events throughout the year to award scholarships to member dependents.

Professional Development

Chapter meetings are held monthly to conduct business and invite guest speakers to conduct warrant officer professional development sessions.

Social Gatherings

Quarterly socials are planned for chapter members to socialize away from work to build warrant officer relationships.

Fund Raising

Fund raising is a big part of our chapters purpose. This enables us to fund activities throughout the year. Our largest fund raising event is the annual golf tournament.

Warrant Officer Esprit de Corps

Our overall purpose is to build relationships not just within our chapter but across the warrant officer corp. We are actively involved in USAWOA.

Chapter Officers

CW3 Blake Johnson

CW3 Blake Johnson


CW3 Blake Johnson was born in Dadeville, Alabama. He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Human Resources, Faulkner University 1999, and Masters Degree’s in Human Resources Management, Troy University 2005, Masters Business Administration, Columbia Southern University 2013. He enlisted in the Alabama Army National Guard February 24, 1989 and received his commission as a Warrant Officer on June 23, 2009. CW3 Johnson is a member of the Maryland Army National Guard and works in the ARNG G1, Personnel Division at National Guard Bureau as the Medical Actions Officer.

CW4 Miguel Flores

CW4 Miguel Flores

Vice President

CW4 Miguel R. Flores was born in Racine and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. He earned an Associate’s Degree majoring in Paralegal Studies and membership in the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. He enlisted in the Wisconsin Army National Guard on 17 August 1994. CW4 Flores received his commission as a Warrant Officer on 27 June 2003. CW4 Flores remains a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard and works as an AGR in the National Guard Bureau Office of the Chief Counsel as a Senior Legal Administrator. He has a lifetime membership with the USAWOA.

WO1 Regina Carrell

WO1 Regina Carrell


WO1 Carrell was born and raised in Myrtle Beach, SC. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC. She enlisted in the Georgia Army National Guard on 2 August 2006. She received her commission as a Warrant Officer on 20 October 2016. WO1 Carrell is currently a member of the Georgia Army National Guard and serves as the Intelligence Analysis to Current Operations Officer Strategic Intelligence Briefer for the Director of the Army National Guard, Army National Guard Deputy Directors and in support of intelligence for all 54 states and territories.

CW4 Mike Burns

CW4 Mike Burns


CW4 Michael S. Burns was born in Grand Canyon, Arizona. He enlisted in the Arizona Army National Guard at age 17.5 as an Attack Helicopter Repairer. He has been Junior Enlisted, NCO, O-Grade and now a Signal Warrant Officer. He holds all three Signal Warrant Officer MOS’es. He has a bachelors degree and is currently completing his Masters in Information Technology. He is currently assigned as the G6 Operations Battle Chief providing enterprise services to all 54 states and territories. He now servers as the Minuteman Chapter Treasurer for USAWOA.

Sandra Poppy

Sandra Poppy


CW3 Sandra Poppy was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She enlisted in the Regular Army 29 August 1985 as a Human Resources Specialist and received her commission Warrant Officer 13 April 2010. CW3 Poppy is a member of the Texas Army National Guard and works in the Federal Recognition Section within the Personnel Division at National Guard Bureau. She is a Life Member of the United States Warrant Officer Association and currently serving as the Membership Representative for the Arlington Hall Station Minuteman Chapter since October 2017.


The United States Army Warrant Officers Association (USAWOA)

Founded in 1972, the USAWOA was incorporated as a not-for-profit association in Virginia on 7 November 1974, and in 1985 became a charter member of The Military Coalition. The three words in the association's logo predominantly define its mission of advocacy on behalf of the Warrant Officers in all three components of the Army: Professionalism, Representation and Recognition. The founders of the USAWOA saw the Warrant Officer Corps of the early 1970s as a disjointed group of technical experts with little or no standardization in the area of professional development and sought to change this. From the beginning the USAWOA has worked within the Army system to encourage the development of an evolving system of standardized professional development for Warrant Officers to complement their superior technical knowledge and skills with increasing levels of leadership development. Simultaneously, it developed and encouraged sources of recognition of Warrant Officer excellence both inside the association and throughout the Army. The Military Coalition provided the USAWOA with tremendous resources as a result of its newfound confederation with other military service organizations, with which it pooled their combined resources and influence. This gave the USAWOA the ability, through the TMC, to expand its representation of its members into the legislative arena. The results were astounding, achieving multiple legislative victories in the advancement of Warrant Officers in multiple areas including: education, pay and allowances, commissioning, WS pay-grade authorization, and development of Secretary of the Army-chartered Senior Warrant Officer leadership. The USAWOA's philosophy has always been that recognition gained is directly proportionate to value added. Every one of its members can be proud that its brief forty-year history has decisively impacted a remarkable forty year evolution of Army Warrant Officers into the indispensable cohort of professional, technical, commissioned Leaders that they are today. To this day, the USAWOA remains the only military service organization thoroughly devoted to the welfare of Army Warrant Officers­ serving, former and retired- and their families.

Contact Info

  •   703-607-9892
  •   111 S. George Mason Drive Arlington, VA 22204
  •   Wilbert.b.johnson.mil@mail.mil.